Kalyn V is So G

May 15 '12

Anonymous asked:

well, you could either listen to my advice and shut off anon or you could continue responding to me like an immature little girl. not very "g" at all, are you.

nope. :]

May 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

hey i was just trying to help by suggesting you simply turn off anon if you're sick of getting obnoxious anon hate. but given your immediate over-defensive attack at my suggestion and seeing as you haven't shut off anon, you obviously aren't as smart as you think you are. grow up.


May 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

and honestly if you "live for fashion" and are so proud about being accepted into parsons, how about you at least ignore any future anon hate and focus more on advertising your portfolio or something. or are you not serious about it at all? hopefully new york will knock some sense into you. you certainly need it.


May 10 '12

Anonymous asked:

i am not any of the people who have previously sent you anon hate, but if it is bothering you that badly to the point where you want to get a lawyer involved, maybe you should have listened to the multiple tumblr warnings about how there is a large chance you will receive messages you do not agree with if you have anon ask as an option. just turn anon off, forget about it and move on. if you're as confident as you seem, that's what you should do. simple as that.

fuck off

May 2 '12

1 more day

Apr 15 '12

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Mar 8 '12

sierraelizabeth asked:

hey sesssyyy congrats on your parsons acceptance <3 very very proud of youuu

thankssss bby <3 Come visit whenever you want!

Mar 8 '12


just so you know, you’re so stupid you can’t even use google. HAHA! Wow. So. Pathetic. You are the biggest loser I have ever encountered.
46% acceptance rate

Maine Maritime has a 82% acceptance rate as well

So, even if Parson’s had an acceptance rate of 70%, you saying that it was harder to get into Maine Maritime was completely wrong.
I can spell AND do math.

Now….who is the “retard” here?

my erskine education is so much better than your cony one.

Mar 8 '12

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Feb 21 '12

"I’mma take summa this waterfall water back to my girl and give it to her for her birthday. That bitch loves waterfalls."

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